Alberto - Customer service and team reclutation Manager

A real team player, ready to help anyone in need. Alberto makes sure that our customers get fast and informative responses to their questions via chat, calls and emails. With him on board no customer question goes unanswered.
Alberto is also the recruiter on a never-ending mission of attracting best talents to our Thunder family . His goal is to build the best team in the world, and he will most likely succeed as he has winning coursing through his.


Elle - Operations Manager / Managing director

Elle is passionate about all aspects of organisation starting from the project planning to the deployment process. She is responsible of processing design, finances - business relationship and daily operations. Elle develops and approves strategies to meet investor, consumer, and employee needs. Communicates with people inside and outside the company to discover what policies, products, and marketing strategies will help it move forward.



Matteo - Sales manager

Matteo is an enthusiastic sales manager who excels at motivating others to achieve record sales numbers. He knows and predict what a customer needs through research of the product and he builds 
product marketing objectives and strategies based on it. Matteo determines a product pricing strategy based on production costs, market demand and research. His career accomplishments include several awards for having always the highest sales performance, he always strives to satisfy the needs and requests of the customers. 



In our exciting journey, London plays a pivotal role: is the place where 'Thunder' was first conceived with a view to have an international name that expresses the 'Transport revolution'.
We launched our company in 2020 with a team of three. During the difficult period that the world had to face to fight the coronavirus disease we had only one mission:
To offer a safe, reliable and GREEN alternative to increasingly crowded means of transport. Today, we’re one of the best e-vehicles distributors in all Uk with a significant presence in Italy, Rome.
Many Business partner constantly working and supporting us is in Paris, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Berlin, with a few more on the way .