Folding design for convenient carrying

Electric Foldable Bike FIIDO D2S
It is light, ecological, it can be transported anywhere and just fold it up to keep it in the office or in the trunk of the car and avoid theft: we are talking about the folding bicycle, a perfect means of transport for those who live in the city and need an economic tool and healthy to move quickly and avoid traffic.

Ecological, economic, it allows you to avoid traffic and to move quickly in the city: we are of course talking about the folding bicycle, which makes ease of transport and lightness its main strength.

Among the means of transport that can be used instead of the car, the folding bicycle is certainly the most interesting alternative: almost always made of aluminum and therefore ultra-light, it makes weight and ease of transport in its maximum strengths. No more time lost in traffic and no more anxiety about the fear of the famous bicycle thieves: thanks to the locking systems, the bike can be taken by train and subway, at home and in the office, in the trunk of the car.