Is the electric bike an investment?

An Electric Bike could be an investment because every day we really face many trips, go to work, to the gym, reach friends in the center or go shopping.
All movements that must be fast and comfortable but above all economic.
One of the most effective and pleasant ways to save money is to use electric bikes. The electric bike is an investment because it is an exceptional means of transport that allows us to save a lot. Let's see why using an electric bicycle, we no longer have the problem of petrol or insurance and we don't have to worry about parking. Especially if folding electric bikes are used, which are the most versatile as they are much easier to transport by car or train.
We can also enter the limited traffic areas that are more and more and more controlled by cameras, ready to take pictures for those who do not respect the limits and therefore to fine us. Using the electric bike is also an investment in health. It can be used to regain our physical form, therefore our psychophysical balance with minimal effort. Another thing not to be underestimated is the protection of the environment.
With an electric bicycle that is foldable or normal, we do not produce pollution, thus having significant benefits on our health and that of our children.